.Mr. Kevin

Master Kevin B. Hinson

is the Founder and Sensei of Tora Ha Kempo Karate Association.
He has been practicing the Martial Arts for 37 years, and teaching for 16 yrs.

Mr. Kevin is
4th Degree Black Belt in Tora Ha Kempo style
1st Degree in Shorinji Toraken Ryu Kempo
2nd Degree in Knife
1st Degree in Cane
1st Degree in Escrima Baton

Mr. Kevin has been teaching Children for 16 yrs.
He also teaches special classes for the Meck. Co. Parks & Rec. Centers,
teaching Martial Arts and Safety to Mentally and Physically Handicapped
children. Mr. Kevin also teaches Safety classes for the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts
of America.
Mr. Kevin teaches children, Adults and Senior classes at all of his locations..