character name Mr Kevin


Saturday Class

Charlotte Karate class Nunchakus

All participants receive

  • Foam Nunchakus
  • Belt Material sheet
  • Certificate

Anyone can participate.  (this means you)!


Mr. Kevin (Kokawaderatemple  background)

 Nunchakus Karate class

Okinawan martial arts weapon that consists of two hardwood sticks joined at their ends by a short length of rawhide, cord, or chain (merriam-webster)

Saturday class

– SATURDAY  March 14, 2015-

kubaton charlotte march 14

TIME: 2:00 – 3:00
mr kevin k

Charlotte kubotan karate class



All participants will receive


Certificate of Completion

Techniques sheet

The cost is $ 15.00 a person.

Anyone can participate.

kubaton 250

Ask your instructor for location details.

kubaton luke

Charlotte kubotan karate class

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(Kubotan info Source Wikipedia)

“Kubotan” is a registered trademark of Takayuki Kubota, who developed the device as a tool for police officers to restrain suspects. Its popularity grew in the mid-1970s when Mr. Kubota brought the Kubotan to the attention of the LAPD and began training female officers in its application. It is often touted as extremely effective with painful locks and pressure point strikes. Because of that the Kubotan is also sometimes dubbed the ‘instrument of attitude adjustment’.
Takayuki Kubota is a Japanese master of karate. He is the president of the International Karate Association